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View a list of all local users in Windows 10

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View a list of all local users in Windows 10

Certainly, in order to see a list of all local users of its operating system, you use the section "The family and other people," the application "Settings", but that's just - it's not the only way, as there are still ways that are as practical and applicable.

In this article, we will tell you that it represents the use of PowerShell command-line and local users and groups management tooling.

A method of using PowerShell

We produce PowerShell open and run the command «Get-LocalUser». Once your team is fully executed, you can see a fairly complete list: people are hidden administrator accounts, the guest, "managed" user system and defaultuser0. In addition, there is another account that does not belong to the same group do not.

view a list of all local users in Windows 10 to dwell on the fact that you are in the OS such accounts that you do not use, do not, because they all have the status of «false» - inactive. In addition, some local users such as «defaultuser0» can be safely removed using snap lusrmgr.msc.

If you plan to use this method, you can redirect command to a text document and save it at least "desktop" using the following code: Get-LocalUser> ([Environment] :: GetFolderPath ( "Desktop") + "\ local-users .txt ")

A method of using the Local Users and Groups snap-in management

Hit a combination of "hot keys» Win + R-> appeared in the "Run" dialog box, prescribe team «lusrmgr.msc» -> click on "OK".

In the newly opened window, you need to find the item "Users" and click on it, which will allow you to open the window in the middle of a complete list of all existing users.

Please note that you will be able with the help of snap not only to view list of all local users in Windows 10, but also manage them.

In addition, if you are using here is a log Action: "Action" -> "Export List", you will see how your list can even be exported, that is as convenient.

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