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Traffic Limit in Windows 10

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Traffic Limit in Windows 10

Using the Internet connection in modern realities is exactly the component that is needed by a huge number of users around the globe, but even with this need, most PC users still think about using the limited traffic limit in Windows 10. This action is connected with the fact that they do not have the opportunity not only to pay, but also to use the wholly and completely unlimited Internet connection. For this reason, many are trying to independently build their own “rhythm” of working at a computer in such a way that the consumption of Internet traffic is minimal, or it does not exist at all, except for those moments when you cannot do without an Internet connection.

Gradually, user attempts to customize the system for themselves turned into something ordinary and no one was surprised that they had to use third-party add-ons to limit Internet traffic, to which Microsoft immediately responded and offered everyone to use a unique setting that is very competent and high-quality. adjusts used internet traffic. That's it about this setting, today we will try to tell you in maximum detail.

How to configure traffic limit in Windows 10?

As is often the case, in the “top ten”, all the basic options for configuring the operating system are on the surface, which means that you can customize all the traffic limits by following the not tricky path, moving from section to section: open the Settings panel → go in the “thematic” section “Network and Internet” → delve into the “Data Usage”.

Once in the system section with the name “Data use”, it remains only to click on “Set Limit” in order to use it to select the system setting that is of the highest priority for you.

Further, you will notice that an additional “pop-up window” has appeared, in which you need to choose one of three parameters: “Monthly”, “One-time” and “Without restrictions”.

  • 1st - will require you to set the date from which the countdown will be used traffic. Also, in this paragraph, it is necessary to make a choice of units of measurement in which the Internet traffic will be calculated.
  • 2nd - will require you to choose the number of days that this package will be valid.
  • 3rd - will require only the input of the date and no more, since it has no restrictions and as a result, with its help you can simply check the Internet traffic that was spent in a timely manner.

Those PC users who have already used the system settings affecting the “traffic limits” need to use the “Change limit” button in their settings, which will allow them to reconfigure the settings of the previously selected “package”.

For more convenient tracking of the amount of Internet traffic consumed, it is best to refer to the “Traffic Limit” section each time and view everything yourself using the scales with indicators.

Provided that you no longer need to use traffic limits in Windows 10in your life, it is best to abandon all the “packages” and delete everything using the “Delete limit” button. This operation is protected systemically and in order to convince the OS of the correctness of its decision, it will be necessary to confirm its action, otherwise, you will automatically cancel the removal of the “package”.

Pay close attention to the “Background data transfer” section, since if you leave it without your attention, you can refuse in a situation when the operating system has spent such valuable Internet traffic for you on various “nonsense” that you don’t really need: advertising, downloading recommended applications, pop-ups and so on.

Accordingly, it is necessary to choose one of the three proposed OS options in the form: “When there is no more than 10% of the limit”, “Always” and “Never”.

  • 1st - implies, disabling background data transfer only when spent 90% of the traffic limit.
  • 2nd - implies the constant use of background data transfer.
  • 3rd - implies, a complete shutdown in any manifestations of background data transfer.

As it seems to us, now, you will be able to independently configure the traffic limit in Windows 10 in such a way that it will satisfy all your needs. Unforeseen situations when you need to connect to the “global network”, and you have spent the entire Internet traffic package, you will not feel, because the control of the “packages” will always be from the system and you, and this is doubly better and more reliable compared to with what you could use earlier.

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