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Shortcut for switching between displays in Windows 10

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Shortcut for switching between displays in Windows 10

If you are working or are going to work on the same computer with multiple displays at the same time, then you should create a shortcut for switching between the displays in Windows 10, and everything you can simplify more recently Not a very convenient process for you.

Of course, you can not create a shortcut, but then you have to use the Settings application → System → Screen. That's just how it seems to us, this method is not entirely convenient, since it is more convenient to use a shortcut at times.

In order to perform all the operations we need with you in Windows 10, we will use a standard utility called "DisplaySwitch.exe". The utility we are looking for is located in the following path: C: \ Windows \ System32. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the utility "DisplaySwitch.exe" has the ability to use only the following parameters:

  • DisplaySwitch.exe / internal
  • DisplaySwitch.exe / external
  • DisplaySwitch.exe / clone
  • DisplaySwitch.exe / extend

Here's how the above commands are decoded:

  • Internal - switches the computer to the main display.
  • External - switching the computer to an additional display.
  • Clone - duplication of the image from the first monitor on the second.
  • Extend - allows you to expand the boundaries of the first display on the second.

It follows that the "Taskbar" will be displayed only on the first display, but the application interface, only on the second one, but on the condition that you drag the application window to the second display.

So, in order to create a shortcut for switching between displays in Windows 10, you need to create a simple shortcut and in the location of its path, specify one of the above commands, then just save the changes.

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