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Share in Windows 10

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Share in Windows 10

As you know, the creation of the tenth generation operating system for Microsoft was something more than designing the next software with its many capabilities. Almost immediately, the OS began to become “popular” and received comprehensive opportunities to unite users with the help of various applications for communication and file transfer. But no matter how good this system was, it, as before, remains a number of some options that function perfectly, but on condition that you can initially configure them... That is why, today we decided to touch on the topic of use and configuration Share in Windows 10, because the option, though hidden, is functional enough, it’s not bad enough. So, it is possible that those who know more about it will like to interact with it.

Why do I need to activate Share in Windows 10?

In many applications developed by Microsoft, there is a button such as “Share”, somewhere it is hidden, and somewhere is presented quite clearly, but in any case, this button does not function. We, however, offer to make it active for use, so that with its help it is possible:

  • Perform manipulations in the Microsoft Edge browser;
  • Perform manipulations in Windows Store apps;
  • Perform manipulation in Explorer.

Thus, you can personally activate a simple at first glance option, but which, for you, can become quite popular and useful in various working moments from a PC.

How to activate Share in Windows 10?

Do not forget before you start setting up the “System Registry”, make adjustments to it so that your OS can work as correctly as possible even in the event of a crash.

In the "Registry Editor" is best to go using the "Run" and the command "regedit". The “Run” window, the easiest way to start it is by simultaneously pressing the “Win + R” buttons on the keyboard.

Once you get to the Registry Editor window, immediately follow the path: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Control Panel” → from the Control Panel section, right-click the right-hand side of the window to create a 32-bit DWORD.

The parameter created by the “DWORD 32 bits” is called “EnableShareSettings” and you must specify the value in the form “1”.

Now, you can safely close the "Registry Editor" and go to the "Settings" application, because there, you will have the opportunity to check the page that appears called "Share".

How to change exchange settings?

Open the “Parameters” section → go to “System” → click on “Share” / “Share”.

Here, you will have the opportunity to customize the choice of applications that can share content. In addition, there are also configured "objects" on the page and display frequently used applications.

In order to make a call to the side panel "Share" / "Share", you can use the "hot keys" in combination "Win + H".

All Share in Windows 10 changes you make can be tracked in: the Windows Store, the Edge Browser, or the Explorer, provided that the Share button is pressed.

And finally, I would like to note that if the above function is not interesting for you, then you can refuse it by performing just one replacement of the value in the created parameter “DWORD 32 bits” from “1” to “0”.

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