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Schedule of sports games in Windows 10

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Schedule of sports games in Windows 10

Today, we would like to tell you about what the schedule of sports games in Windows 10 is, since this option appeared in the system relatively recently and as a result, it is not used often, because until now , it is not enough to anyone from the spring. But no matter how it was, the option takes place and it can only be known that with its help, you can more globally immerse yourself in the world of sports events and not miss almost anything.

To make it more clear, we explain... The application, which allows you to fully check the most important world events, is not some kind of innovation, since it has long been known to you as an Outlook Calendar, which means it will be easy for you to understand it.

In general, the whole point of the software configuration is that you go to Calendar → click on the icon with three parallel bars (located in the lower right corner of the screen) → an additional menu opens where we select "Add calendar".

A new window opens where you click on the button "Sports" → there is an additional opportunity to choose one of the popular sports by clicking on the corresponding icon.

If you are only interested in the most popular tournaments of the world scale, then in this case, you can choose them even in the main window "Add calendar".

Regardless of which tournament you chose, in any case, the schedule of all of its games will be added automatically through the Bing search engine.

It is also worth noting that during the selection of the tournament, you will need to choose and the team behind which you will watch at this tournament and there are almost no restrictions, as several teams can be chosen.

If by chance, it turned out that you do not need the Calendar of sports events that you created earlier, then you should remove it, so as not to be distracted by those reminders that can be considered irrelevant at the moment. Deleting the Calendar flows directly from the context menu where it is possible to select a specific Calendar and then simply click on the "Delete calendar" button.

In the context menu, it is also possible to specify the color gamut of a particular Calendar, which is very convenient if you have several. So far, there are only 9 flowers, but this is enough to fully share sports events.

So, the schedule of sports games in Windows 10 for anyone who is interested in changing their lives once and for all and starting to trace the truly interesting sports events of the world scale, which is watched by all peace.

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