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Remove drivers from Windows 10

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Remove drivers from Windows 10

Today, we will try to tell you in detail about how to remove drivers from Windows 10, as today, this topic in terms of setting up the operating system is very relevant. The relevance of this topic is caused by the fact that many PC users are accustomed to removing drivers from the OS in the old-fashioned way, but here in the "top ten" the removal system is a bit different and for this reason, we decided to touch on this topic, so that you have studied this question once and for all and more did not return to study it, but knew for sure how to behave in this situation.

Why do I need to remove drivers from Windows 10?

In general, the removal of drivers can be sanctioned by various causes - problems that arise in the operation of the operating system of the tenth generation, but among the highlights is worth noting:

  • Installation of new drivers should proceed only after the old drivers have been deleted.
  • The old drivers started to malfunction, which leads to a periodic hang of the system or other problems with it.
  • After updating the system, the old drivers do not work correctly.

How to remove drivers from Windows 10?

In order to start the process of cleaning the system from the drivers, clean the temporary files, as this will make the procedure described below more qualitative and probably remove everything from the system.

Once you have finished clearing the temporary files, hover your mouse over the "My Computer" icon (located on the "Desktop"), right-click on the icon and select "Properties" from the context menu.

Before you should open a window with the name "System", where you will have to go to the "Device Manager" subsection.

Once in the window with the name "Device Manager", you must select the device from the driver which you want to get rid of. Now click on this device with the left mouse button for the name to appear in the blue frame, then click the right mouse button to bring up the "context menu" in which you will have to click on the "Delete" item.

In a new window, you will have to check the "Remove driver programs for this device" checkbox, for the reason that the system automatically clears everything related to this driver (including programs and temporary files). Also note that you will have to wait a bit, as often, the removal of a specific driver takes several minutes.

In order to check if you managed to remove drivers from Windows 10, we suggest to go back to "Device Manager" in order to make sure that the driver does not exist anymore.

Thus, it is possible to remove all available drivers in your system and take it away not so much time, as it may seem at first glance, as some drivers are removed quickly enough.

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