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Remote Desktop in Windows 10

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Remote Desktop in Windows 10

If your main working environment is the constant use of a computer or laptop and parallel travel to meetings, and maybe even remote trips, then you have probably had to face the fact that in some situations, you need to urgently use your personal computer, which is located in office or at home, and you, by some circumstances, can not do it. In order to ensure that there are no such situations in your life and you have always had the opportunity to use your computer no matter how far you are from and the Remote Desktop in Windows 10 was developed, which in simplifies this task several times.

What is the uniqueness of this method of operating the OS?

The essence of using this function is that it is very easy to configure and at the same time, it can be used by you anywhere and anytime. In addition, when using this function, you will not have problems with installing additional software, since all you need is already available in Windows 10.

How to enable Remote Desktop in Windows 10?

In fact, the activation procedure is as simple as possible and here's what you need to perform at its initial stage: go to the application called "Options" → go to "System" → open "Remote Desktop" → look for "Enable Remote Desktop" and immediately, we switch the switch to the "On" position.

As soon as you complete the above system settings, a dialog box called "Remote Desktop Settings" appears, which will require you to confirm your intentions. Therefore, you will need to click on the "Confirm" button.

It is very important to remember that the security system of Windows 10 is modeled in such a way that only those users who are members of the "Administrators" group can get remote access to the Desktop. Agree that on the one hand - it's very convenient, but on the other hand, there are situations when you need to add other users, in this case, you have to use the link "Select users who can get remote access to this computer".

After all, you will need to use another computer in order to check whether you have set everything up correctly. In this case, just use the "client application" for: Windows, Android, iOS or Mac. After running the application, we write "computer name", which should be displayed in the "How to connect to this PC" section.

So, Remote Desktop in Windows 10 has become so accessible for you that any user can use it and what is most interesting, you do not have to set something up for a very long time, see a bunch of errors, so as everything is very simple, almost on an intuitive level.

P.S. If you do not know what "client application" to use, then we suggest not to hesitate for a long time, but to use already pre-installed in the "top ten", which you can find here: go to "Start" → open the "Standard" → go to "Windows" "→ and the final place to open is" Connect to Remote Desktop".

If this application is not enough for you, then you can find something more suitable for yourself in the Microsoft Store.

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