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Pin number in Windows 10

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Pin number in Windows 10

Many PC users do not appreciate the PIN code in Windows 10, because relatively recently, they tried to use it and there was nothing good out of it in principle. But Microsoft turned its attention to this problem and reworked the functionality of its OS in this direction, which made it possible to do the once-limited function of the PIN code, better and more convenient to use. This is what contributed to the fact that we wrote this article and told you how it is possible to use this function in the "top ten", so that it will please you, and not grieve.

Create a PIN in Windows 10

The process of creating a PIN is very simple, since you just need to: go to the Options panel → go to the Accounts section → go to the "Login Options" sub-section → find the block called "PIN-code" and use button.

An important point in creating a PIN is the verification of the user's identity. Then you have to enter a password, so that the system recognizes you as the owner of the PC.

Note that when you create a "simple" password for the PIN, you can only use numbers.

If you want to use a "complicated" PIN code password, then you will have to tick the box "Include letters and symbols" - this will give you the opportunity to use not only digits, but also letters to create a password.

If you want to get more acquainted with the rules of creating a PIN-code, we suggest you use the button "Requirements for PIN-code", which will allow you to see the basic rules that must be followed to PIN code in Windows 10b> was confirmed in terms of creating an operating system.

Change the PIN in Windows 10

In order to change the PIN-code, you have nothing to do just the same, except for the following actions: open the "Options" panel → go to the "Accounts" subsection → go to the section "Login parameters" → go to "PIN- code "→ click on the" Edit "button.

In a new window, you will have to enter the old PIN, then a couple of times a new PIN.

Reset PIN in Windows 10

The process of resetting the PIN is as simple as that: you have to click on the link "I do not remember my PIN", which, as expected, is in the "Options" panel → "Accounts" → "Login parameters" → in the final section« PIN-code ». After that, just do everything that the system will require of you and the password will be reset.

Please note that resetting the password will destroy all passwords previously saved by you, so be prepared to log in again on sites and social networks.

Delete the PIN in Windows 10

In order for PIN code in Windows 10to be completely deleted, you will have to go the same way as when changing the PIN, but only in the last step, you'll have to click the "Delete" button → more once "Delete" → enter the current password in the system so that it can initialize you as a real PC user.

Any of the above operations is not so difficult that you can not deal with it, so be prepared for the fact that you can independently use any of the ways to configure the PIN code in your Win 10 system.

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