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"Options" in the context menu of Windows 10

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"Options" in the context menu of Windows 10

As you know, many PC users constantly use the context menu of their operating system Windows 10, regardless of what kind of edition they have to work. That's just with this approach to working in the OS environment, it also happens that there is no necessary item in the menu being called, therefore, you need to add it yourself and only after that, use it. I am glad in such situations only that this process itself is not complicated and takes from an average user from 1 to 5 minutes. That is why we decided today to touch on a topic that we believe is very important, because most users want to add the Options option in the Windows 10 context menu, they just don’t know exactly how can do. We, this time will tell you everything, the only thing, remember that it is necessary to act in stages and then everything will definitely work out!

In this case, the whole process will look like a simple addition of "Shortcuts" to the context menu of the system (called by a right mouse button in an empty area of the "Desktop") using a unique "registry file". This registry file can be downloaded from us on the website, it will look like an archive in which the document will be located in the form of a “Notepad” and after that, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Perform unzipping of the archive and simply use the existing Notepad: “File” → “Save As” → register “.reg” to the place where the file name should be. Here you can enter the name of the file and after that “.reg” - this will also be a working version.

  • Unzip the archive and transfer all the code from the downloaded Notepad to Notepad, which was created by yourself, then follow the procedure similar to the above: “File” → “Save As” → you write “.reg” in the field with the name. Here, it is also possible to use the file name, but only after it, it is necessary to register the extension ".reg" - this will also be a working version.

It does not matter which of the two options for creating the “.reg” file you choose, in any case, from the place where you will save the new file, a new “Label” will appear on which you will need to double-click it to launch the system file that you created to make an adjustment to the registry. After that, a window will appear, which will require you to confirm with the “Ok” button the correctness of your actions.

Having done everything correctly, you can instantly notice by clicking the right mouse button in any free area of the "Desktop" that "Settings" in the context menu of Windows 10 have undergone changes and now look completely different - just like that as you wanted to see for a long time.

If, however, the above option of setting up the OS seems to be difficult or long, then you can download the ready-made “.reg” file from our server and you will have to do much more trouble than described in the methods above:

  • Download ready “.reg” file → unzip it → double-click on the received “.reg” file → click on the “Ok” button in the confirmation window.

P.S. It is not so important which of the described methods you choose, more important is that ultimately you will not have to reboot the system for the changes to take effect, since all adjustments to the context menu will be correctly displayed and work immediately after You will complete the entire process of setting up Windows 10.

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