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New OneDrive menu in Windows 10

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New OneDrive menu in Windows 10

Today, we'd like to tell you what the new OneDrive menu in Windows 10 is, which became available to most users who are actively using the cloud.

A feature of the new features is that the user gets a completely different look of the menu, in addition there are settings and options that he did not previously have. Thus, the OneDrive menu becomes even more practical and useful in terms of usage, which is many times more convenient than before.

Activating a new OneDrive menu in Windows 10

  1. Initially, you must make sure that you have a OneDrive client installed on Windows 10 that has version no lower than 17.3.6720.1207. If you have an earlier version of the client, be sure to update it, otherwise you will not get it.
  2. Now, you must go through the following path: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ OneDrive". How exactly you will get to the last subsection does not matter, the main thing is that you get into it. Once in the "OneDrive" subsection, you should make minor adjustments that affect the numerical value of the DWORD 32-bit named "TeamSiteSyncPreview", respectively, change "0" to "1". Note that it happens that there is no "TeamSiteSyncPreview" parameter, in this case, without its own handwriting, nothing you can not do.

If you did everything right, the new OneDrive menu in Windows 10 will become active and available to you momentarily.

We also draw your attention to the fact that thanks to the new menu, you will be able to easily use the following options:

  • you can use the process of data synchronization with the cloud;
  • you can view all lists of files that were last downloaded;
  • you can make full transitions to a local folder named "OneDrive";
  • you can easily configure the client.

As you can see, the new OneDrive menu gives a real number of possibilities, which even though not all users need, but those who really need them will be very comfortable to use them and fully use them in their work with cloud storage.

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