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My library in Windows 10

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My library in Windows 10

Today, we will tell you that it is a feature called My library in Windows 10, and all from the fact that this feature though very useful, but few PC users to fully enjoy it .

Main fields of application the above functions is to keep a history of previously installed applications in the system. Thus, using the "My Library", memory refresh can easily remember and which application has been installed a couple of months, and if necessary, download and install it again.

The main advantage of this feature is that with it you'll see a list of: applications, games, audio files and video files of which have been acquired by you or downloaded for free, and then installed in the system.

In order to begin to use the "My Library", you will need to use a custom menu in Windows Store:

Once you find yourself on the home page under "My Library", then the application will be in front of you, which you have installed the latest in its operating system Windows 10. If you enough information that is shown on the home, then you need to click on "Show all" , to see a more extensive list.

Practicality complete list is that it is convenient enough to use for their own purposes, and all because of the fact that there is: the application name, date of installation, the icon and TP. In addition, this is where you can find a button that will allow you to push it, to re-install the application. But that's not all! If you need to hide the app from the list in the library, it can be very easy to do by clicking on the appropriate button.

Please note that if your application is found in the list of the currently available for installation, then simply press the ↓ ( "Download application"), which will perform automatic installation of applications, track which can be even in "Library".

If you, for whatever reasons, use a device that for some characteristics different from the device that was previously used to install the application, then when you click on the button ↓ ( «Download application"), the system will automatically generate your redirection in Windows Store where you can easily pick up for you to install the required software version.

As you can see, the function My Library in Windows 10 is a very useful, especially if you use the Windows Store is not the first year and at the same time, very often install or remove various applications in it.

Now, you need to make just a couple of clicks and everything immediately (or within 1-2 minutes if a large list of applications) will appear on your screen.

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