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What is the processor on a Windows 10 computer?

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What is the processor on a Windows 10 computer?

With full confidence, you can say that if you are at least a “confident PC user”, then you can skip this article, since you already know for a long time without our help: "What processor on a computer with Windows 10?"

This article is for the most part designed for those users who have just purchased a device and practically I don’t know anything about it. Thus, we want to help beginners at the PC, asking a very simple question, but trying to complicate it by a strange combination of circumstances.

I would like to note right away that in the article we will talk only about the built-in capabilities of the system, because the "ten" can completely manage with its own resources in order to give you an answer to the asked question.

Method number 1

In this case, the "Task Manager" will be used, which can be activated using the context menu of the "Start" button on which, you need to right-click → in the newly opened window, you should go to the "Processes" branch.

Please note that you can see several "processors", but in reality, only one will be real, and all the rest will be nothing more than just the "cores" of this processor.

Method number 2

Just as in the above method, you need to open the "Task Manager" → go to the tab "Performance" → select "CPU".

Also, you can get to the section you need by pressing "Ctrl + Shift + Esc", but only in this case, the context menu of the "Task Bar" will be used.

Method number 3

You can also use another way, which becomes active if you perform the following steps: open the "Parameters" panel → go to "System" → next to "About the system" → look for the block called "Device characteristics", since it’s in him, it will be possible to find out: the manufacturer, model and clock speed of the processor.

Of course, the above methods are all that the operating system can offer you in order to find out: "What processor is on a computer with Windows 10?" But whatever it was, but these three options in for the most part, you will be plenty for any direction of use of the device.

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