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Invisible folder in Windows 10

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Invisible folder in Windows 10

All Windows users who have had a little time to work on a PC, sooner or later will encounter such a thing as “invisible folder in Windows 10”. At first, it seems that this simply cannot be easy... But it takes a little time, the user becomes interested and eventually finds out a lot of interesting things for himself... It turns out that it is possible in Windows 10 to make not only folders invisible, but also much more. So, the question arises: “How can you do all this?”

What is the invisible folder in Windows 10?

In fact, the “invisible folder” does not represent anything visually, since if it is “hidden,” then it is not possible to see it, and as a result, the user will not even be aware that in that system partition, is located at the moment, there is some folder filled with files. In such a folder it is possible to store any information in the form of: video, photos, text documents and so on.

Thus, if you need to hide something from prying eyes, then the best option is to use the “Hidden” function, which is in any of the “top ten”, which we will tell you about this hour...

How to activate / deactivate invisible folder in Windows 10?

To begin with, we will teach you to make all invisible system elements visible, as very often, it is necessary to carry out the OS setup process using exactly “hidden folders” with files.

First of all, go to the "Explorer", if you do not know how to do this, then use the "Start" or "Search" menu with the same request.

The “Explorer” window in the upper part has a horizontal menu, refer to “View” → move to the upper right part of the window and click on “Settings” → go down a little below and click on “Change folder and search parameters”.

The “Folder Options” window will not take long to wait and will open almost instantly, which means it's time to go through the horizontal menu that is in its upper part and click on the “View” button → move through the open window to the “Hidden” folder folders and files ”→ check the item“ Show hidden files, folders and drives ”→ use the“ Ok ”button to save the settings.

In the above manner, you managed to deactivate all invisible folders in the system and now they have become fully visible. Thus, these folders with their contents, it is possible to move or delete, if you know for sure that this process does not harm the performance of your OS.

How to hide one folder in Windows 10?

Suppose you have a data folder that you want to “hide” individually, then you may not perform the whole procedure described above, since it involves the process of rendering invisible folders, and we are going to do the reverse process, for this you will need: once click on the folder that you need to hide using RMB → repeat click LMB on “Properties” → in a small window, mark the item “Hidden” → use the “Apply” button to make the changed settings take effect.

Everything! Now you have your own invisible folder in Windows 10, which is perfectly hidden from prying eyes and who, besides you, cannot use it.

And if you need to perform the process of rendering a hidden folder, then the instruction that is available in this article - above, will certainly help you with this.

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