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Internet Explorer Edge Browser

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Internet Explorer Edge Browser

Just the other day, the Edge update was released, which brought a sufficient number of new products to this software, but the biggest addition that awaits you here is the ability to launch Internet Explorer browser in Edge. Thus, if recently, it might seem to you that using the browser from Microsoft built on the basis of Chromium is not exactly suitable for you and you would like to return to something familiar for a long time, then in that case, you should use the above-mentioned update and get it maximum enjoyment from the use of first-class software.

It should be noted that not just a “secondary” browser, which is built into the “primary” browser, is waiting for you, but some possibility of using the emulator of one browser software environment in another, which is several times better and more practical, with periodic interaction with both programs in turn.

What is required to use the Internet Explorer emulator in Edge?

In fact, the list of what you need to have available and run before you can use the emulator is not so big, but no matter how it was there, and you can't do without it:

  • You must install the operating system Windows 10;
  • You need to install an updated version of the Edge browser, starting with version;
  • You need to make small browser settings to run the emulator environment.

In fact, everything is elementary, but in any case, it is worth remembering that at the moment, the Internet Explorer emulator environment is still in test mode and in some cases, it may fail or not run at all. So, keep in mind this fact, so that you always realize in time that this browser function, although good, is only being tested in the “Dev” channel branch.

How to launch Internet Explorer in Edge?

Since testing of the emulator while proceeds in a relatively closed from the average user environment, it is necessary to do the following steps that will allow using the emulator in the future as simply as possible and with the minimum number of mouse clicks.

To begin with, you will have to refer to the search line, which is located in the Edge browser, in order to register “edge: // flags /” into it and press the “Enter” button (this command will allow access to the so-called “flags” - hidden program sections ) → select the option “Enable IE Integration” → go to “More tools” / “Additional tools” → click on “Show this page using Internet Explorer” / “Show this page using Internet Explorer”.

If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to notice how the Internet Explorer browser in Edge was activated and now, the open webpage has a slightly changed look, as it is launched in a completely new browser, which, for the most part Windows users is familiar already a long time ago...

It seems to us that at the moment it is much easier to use all the above steps to launch the Internet Explorer browser emulator in Windows 10, provided that you are constantly working with the Edge browser... Try this method and you will surely enjoy it.

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