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Installing Windows 10 on a clean

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Installing Windows 10 on a clean

If you need a install Windows 10 on a clean, then you should not delay the procedure for a long time, or go to someone and ask for help, because you will always be able to cope with this on their own.

1. To start, you need to get your installation media to the Windows operating system 10. Here are several options:

• You can be the installation DVD-disk with the operating system that you bought at the store computer equipment, or which has been completed with your PC;

• You are downloading their own OS and Windows 10 are recording on a DVD-ROM;

• you are just by yourself, download the operating system image and write to a Windows 10 on a flash drive.

2. BIOS is configured to install Win 10 operating system;

3. Start the installation of the operating system:

• boot from media on which recorded an operating system and in the first window, select the preferred language for the OS, and then, pressing the button "Next":

• In the new window, click on the "Install" button, which will allow you to initiate the installation of the operating system:

• Here, you will need to read the license agreement and tick that you agree to its terms and conditions, then click on "Next":

• there is a very important point, you must select the type of installation, because we have already experienced PC users, then choose "Selected: Only install Windows (for advanced users)":

• selects the partition to install Win 10 operating system (the so-look sections, if they have not yet established when it is not running):

• If you have already installed the operating system, you first need to make the removal of all the target hard drive partition on your computer. Once you delete all partitions, you need to choose one, which would consist of a plurality of remote sections from the previous step and click "Create." You will find that the operating system is automatically set up to 4 in. The first 3 of the interest you do not have to, since it is essentially a system partition, but the 4th section called "Basic" or "System", just has to be interesting to you, because in it you and awake to perform the installation of the operating system.

• Once you select the section which will have to pass the install Windows 10 on a clean, it will start immediately. Please note that at this stage is normal that the computer restarts and the screen turns off. During the installation process, not what not to touch it, because the OS will do everything herself, and you just have to wait:

• In the new window, you will be prompted to make the basic settings of the operating system personalization. We, in turn, recommend just select "Use default settings" and go to the next step, as in the following, if necessary, you can all set up, but for now, it can not do, the more "standard setting" normally, average user PKK abound:

• Now, you will be prompted to select a mode of using a computer in a network. If you use a computer at home, simply choose the option "I know this computer" if you have a computer and use a corporate network connection / domain, then you need to select the "My organization":

• You must create an account. If you have a license key Windows 10, then you need to make the "Login with Microsoft account" with a username and password from Microsoft account.

Please note that if you do not have your Microsoft account, it immediately will be created.

Immediately, it is necessary to understand that the use of two-step authentication with Microsoft account, you will need further specify your mobile phone number or secondary email address. All indicated data you need to be realistic, since they can be sent verification code that you'll need:

• If you have an account in the choice no internet connection, then you need to use the "Create a local account" for this step just above you need to select "Skip this step" and move on:

• provided that you are logged into the operating system using Microsoft account, you will be able to use authentication in Windows by using a PIN. At this point, just have a couple of options "Use PIN" or "Skip this step", so that only you can choose:

• provided that you will need to sync with One Drive, you need to click on the "Next" button, if you do not need to use the "cloud", then feel free to click on the "Default save new files only on this PC":

• essentially install Windows 10 on a clean is complete, so it remains only to wait for the moment when there will be so-called "loading the Desktop 'and choose the mode to access your PC via the local network:

We hope that this process is the installation of Windows 10 is not proved to be too difficult for you operating system, because as we kazh

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