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Installing Drivers without digital signature Windows 10

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Installing Drivers without digital signature Windows 10

If you're wondering what a install drivers without a digital signature Windows 10, then it's time to get acquainted with the methods presented below, ready to come to any PC user to help.

Just want to note that this article can be used as you, provided that you have problems with the installation of the system application, which is not how does not want to be installed in the operating system without a digital signature.

Option number 1

This method is used to disable the validation of digital signatures exactly to the moment, until you restart the operating system. As soon will be made to restart the operating system, then there is the same set again, something will not work, provided that you have installed the software, is not digitally signed.

Doi order to make off a digital signature in Win 10, do the following: go to the "All parameters" section -> go to "Update and Security" -> click on the "Restore" -> select "Specific Boot Options" -> and make OS reboot by clicking on the option "restart Now."

Now, wait until the operating system is loaded, and only then, do the following: go to the section "Diagnostics" -> go to "Advanced Settings" -> click the "Download Options" -> again and click on "Reload".

Again wait for the end of rebooting the operating system in order to after the download, see the so-called "options menu", which will need to use in order to install drivers without a digital signature Windows 10 went as smoothly as possible and without any problems.

Please note that the most likely (depending on the version of Windows 10, and particularly its "assembly"), you pridetsyavybrat item number 7.

Option number 2

If the first option you something is not liked, then the offer to use the second, as in it we will use off Local Group Policy Editor, on the condition that you are using Windows 10 Pro, because only this version of the operating system has this capability.

To get started, click on the «Win + R» -> window using "Run" in the search box list the command «gpedit.msc» -> press «Enter».

Once in the editor, go here on this way: open the "User Configuration" section -> go to "Administrative Templates" -> Now go to the "System" -> make a discovery "Software Installation" -> double click on the "Digital Signature Device Drivers "open this option.

Please note that in the new window, you will be asked to choose one of the options, which is the most optimal for you:

1. It will be possible to establish a "Disable" value.

2. Can be set to "On", and then go to the section "If Windows detects the driver file is not digitally signed" to establish a tick against the item "Ignore".

Once you select the desired option, then press the "OK" button and the restart Windows 10 Pro.

Option number 3

This option will allow you to use the command line, where it will be possible to edit boot parameters.

The only thing you need to have your computer BIOS or UEFI-had, as well, you may need to disable Secure Boot.

We direct the mouse cursor to the "Start" menu icon and click RMB on it, and then, select "Command Prompt" and in turn begin to enter the following commands:

1. bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

2. bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

Implementation of both teams will not take much of your time, but when completed, you must restart the OS bude.

Install drivers without digital signature, Windows 10 is now possible, as you can see in the lower right corner of the window with information about that «Windows 10 operating in test mode".

In order to re-enable digital signature verification of drivers, you should just enter the command line command to the following lines: «bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF».

We hope that this article has been useful to you, as we have tried to present it all as briefly as possible, and extremely accessible, so you understand exactly what is at stake.

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