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In Windows 8 error 0xc0000225

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In Windows 8 error 0xc0000225

There are situations when: there is nothing new has been installed in the system without any changes are made to it, even updates are disabled, and when you try to start it, then Windows 8 error 0xc0000225 shows itself as the appearance of a blue screen . It is clear that in such a situation, panic can any PC user, as it is not clear where it came from an issue for the appearance of which, absolutely no any reasons.

In order to begin to understand the problem, you need to understand what was the reason for its occurrence... And here it begins the user PC problems, as he is not what it can not understand... And all of that in 99% of the user not to blame for the occurrence of errors, since its origin - a consequence of the update interface, which at one time tried to make Microsoft. In fact, the update «Unified Extensible Firmware Interface» ( «UEFI») was successful, but now, there are situations that the new update and the old image of the "inner world" of the system, somehow begin each - another substitute that just 0xc0000225 and leads to error.

For this reason, in order to remove 0xc0000225 error of Win 8, you will need to use the installation media that you used during the installation of the operating system. Restart the computer and when the screen will see the inscription «Press any key to boot from CD / DVD...», click on «Enter» on the keyboard. Before you will have to open a window where you need to choose a small inscription "System Restore", which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Follow the log of actions is as follows: select the "Diagnostics" -> click on "Advanced Settings" -> run the command line.

Now, below you is a list of commands that you need to enter on the command line in the order in which they are written.

  • diskpart - launch the utility «DiskPart»;
  • list volume - voplnenie / scan all volumes that you have in your system;
  • select volume - volume selection is necessary (command looks like: «select volume 2");
  • assign letter = Z - assignment of letters to ( «Z»);
  • exit - Returns the command line to the original appearance;
  • bcdboot C: \ windows / s Z: / f UEFI - Generation «UEFI» boot file.

It is necessary to you in order to Windows 8 error 0xc0000225 entirely disappeared, to make the command line shutdown and restart the operating system.

With the new download, Windows 8 operating system will need to boot up normally and not have problems with the appearance of "blue screen of death", there should not be!

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