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How to upgrade Windows 8?

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How to upgrade Windows 8?

Today, we'll tell you about, how to upgrade Windows 8, because the operating system although it is one of the most popular in the world, but regardless of this, and is for most users (in particular beginners), some "black horse". The problem most often lies in the fact that this operating system has a slightly different configuration allowing start the upgrade process, which in fact is a stumbling block for most of you, that's why we have decided to touch on this theme today, and not some other.

To start, you need to cause so-called "floating toolbar", which is hidden on the right side of the monitor screen. In order to cause a "floating panels" and make it visually prominent, you must move the mouse cursor to the right side of the monitor screen and hold it there, often, mouse cursor movements enough on top to the bottom, or vice versa.

As soon as the "floating panel", you need to look for the label "Settings" and click on it:

In the new window, click on the button "About Your Computer":

In the window with the information on your computer, you'll need in the lower left corner to find the option "Windows Update" and click on it:

In order to upgrade Windows 8, you must first download the update, and for this, you need to press the "Search for update", which is located on the left side "Windows Update" window:

Please note that in the next window, you will see a list of updates, which you need to put down a tick in front of the updates that you would like to definitely set in their OS. Once you make your choice, then click on the "Install" button:

And now, the most lengthy process of downloading and installing updates. Once all updates are downloaded and installed, you should restart the operating system, as this will allow the final restart to install all the updates:

That is not a cunning way, you can always Windows 8 update and at the same time, it is possible to install only those updates that you consider most important, and that in some situations, plays a large enough value, so go for it!

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