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How to remove drivers from Windows 10

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How to remove drivers from Windows 10

If you are an advanced PC user, then it's probably easy for you to remove drivers from the Windows 10 system, as you all know and have the necessary knowledge in this direction. But what about that user who does not have more or less fundamental knowledge that they can help in removing software as drivers?
To answer this question, we decided to share with you important information that is hidden in the use of one utility - "Driver Store Explorer".

Advantages of the Driver Store Explorer in front of their counterparts

  • This utility is completely free.
  • The utility has a very simple and intuitive interface.
  • The utility does not need to be installed, since it runs fully and without installation.
  • The utility does not have any built-in advertising and virus content, which can be dangerous for the OS.

Why use Driver Store Explorer

  • Uninstall the drivers that were installed after you just once connected any device to your computer. These devices can be: removable HDD, USB-media, mice, keyboards and so on.

Process of operation Driver Store Explorer

As soon as you download the utility to remove drivers from the official site of its developers, you will need to run it by clicking on the executable file 2 times. After starting the Driver Store Explorer, the utility will begin scanning your Windows 10 OS to identify the installed drivers in the system. At the end of the scan, you will see a description of each installed driver in the system until its most detailed information, which only can be.

In order to make any manipulations with the detected drivers, you need to tick any of them, then select the necessary action button in the right part of the window.

In addition, if you use this utility, you can not only remove drivers from Windows 10, but install drivers using the INF file. It is also worth noting that there is a forced deletion of drivers in the program, which is made by ticking the "Force Deference" checkbox.

In the suite of utilities, something is constantly upgrading and changing, which allows it to become better, because thanks to this kind of changes, the utility in the recent past could get one of the additional buttons that allows you to restart the Driver Store Explorer and get Administrator rights.

The only downside, which in our opinion is the software described above, is that you can not make backup copies of the removed drivers, so be extremely careful about what specifically you are going to remove from your system.

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