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How to remove a service in Windows 10

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How to remove a service in Windows 10

Surely, you've already thought about how to delete a service in Windows 10, because such processes in your OS, most likely you were confused several times and wanted to somehow stop them. And most likely, in this kind of situations, you were stopped by the elementary ignorance of what you can stop and delete, and what is absolutely not worth touching. It is for this reason that we decided to tell you today how to remove some of the services that were automatically installed on your system during the installation of third-party software.

In general, before deleting a particular service, we recommend that you create a backup copy of the operating system Windows 10 and pre-test OS after removing the service in the virtual machine in order to minimize the incorrect consequences of the system, if any.

First, you need to know the name of the service that you are going to remove, you can do it by clicking on "Win + R" and selecting the item "Computer Management".

In the newly opened window, on the left side of the window, open the following settings for "Services and applications" -> "Services".

In the opened list, you need to find the service whose name you learned earlier and make a double click on it.

Pay attention to the "General" tab, where the full name of the service will be displayed. From here, we copy the full name of the service to the buffer, then open the command line, but only on behalf of the Administrator. On the command line, we write the following command: "sc déléte Service".

Note that "Service" is the name of the service itself, which you are about to delete.

Using the example of the biometric service in Windows 10, you can see the deletion principle using the above command, which in this case will look like: "sc delete WbioSrvc".

It is also worth noting that before you delete a service, it's best to stop it, because if you delete it, it will be displayed as fully working until you restart the Win 10 operating system.

Pay attention to the fact that there are such services that are not displayed at all in the snap-in, accordingly, you need to open the Registry Editor and, in it, go through the following path: "KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services".

In the folder named "Services", the name of each subsection will be displayed as the name of the specific service.

In this simple way you can delete the service in Windows 10, which will allow you to make your operating system at times more convenient to use and unload it from the load on the part of services that it does not Are needed!

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