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How to lock cells in Excel from editing?

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How to lock cells in Excel from editing?

If you do not know, anyone who works with MS Office has an available "security option" that allows you to block cells in Excel from editing. The essence of this lock is that the created document is not possible: edit, rename and even delete! Thus, you have the opportunity to create a document that can exist on your computer almost forever, because no one and not when, without your help, can not do with it. This way of Excel security is optimal for those PC users who work in organizations and their computer is in some way "common", because now no one can accidentally delete or change your project, as this will not be possible!

How to lock cells in Excel from editing?

First, you need to open that Excel document in which you are going to lock the cells, then think carefully about the fact that: "Do you need any cells in this document that can be edited?" If you need the same cells, you select them and click on them PCM, a context menu opens, where the "Format Cells" item is displayed, where you click on the LMC.

Immediately, before you should open the same window to your action ("Format Cells"), which means that you go to the tab "Protection" (click on it LMB) and already in this tab, just remove the checkmark that is located opposite the item " Protected cell ", then click on the" OK "button.

Now, you move to the bottom of the Excel sheet and click on the "button" with the name of the sheet, most often the name looks like "Sheet1", a context menu opens, where we click on the "Protect sheet" LMC.

Alternately, two windows will open where you need to enter the desired password, then click on the button "Ok".

After performing the above procedure, no one, without using the password you entered, will no longer be able to edit cells in Excel documents. Edit will be possible only those cells, which at the very beginning of their actions, you selected and removed the checkmark in the corresponding checkbox.

Returning the editing of all cells in the document without exception, proceeds exactly as you blocked the cells, but only to the exact opposite in the actions.

How can I block an Excel document from being deleted?

If it seemed to you that just block cells in Excel from editing is not enough, then you should pay attention to the prohibition of deleting the document and prohibiting its renaming. This is done in the following way... You, from the main window of the program click the LMC on the "Review" tab, find a picture with the inscription "Protect the book" and click again on it LMC to open a window for entering the password, after which, with your document generally it is not possible what not to do.

We hope that this article has been useful to you and you will be able to use it for your own needs, as with its help, it will be possible without any problems to block Excel documents in MS Office programs: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 issues .

If for you something was not clear from the article written above, we recommend to see the video that was shot by our friends, where everything is clearly and without extra words is shown in a clear example.

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