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How to find out the product key Windows 10 Creators Update

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How to find out the product key Windows 10 Creators Update

If you are interested in the question: "How do I find out the Windows 10 Creators Update product?" Then, we will help you, because we know a way to see what no one can see.

The methods described by us will suit those users of you who do not have a sticker or a DVD with a license activation key.

Ideally, you should know, at least, exactly how the activation key of Win 10 on your computer was originally entered, since this will determine the basic plan of actions for finding the key.

If, the activation key of Windows 10 was purchased by you via the Internet, then it is worth opening the mail you specified when buying the key, since there will be a letter in which there will be your activation key for the OS.

If you did not purchase the activation key, and you yourself upgraded the operating system from an earlier version to Win 10, then when you reinstall the OS, you do not need to enter anything, because the key will be activated automatically each time.

If you bought a laptop or a PC in a specialized store and you initially had a preinstalled OS, you should look for a 25-digit activation key on the box or on the som cat.

If the activation key is not on the box, not on the PC system unit, but the Win 10 OS is licensed, do not worry, because the key was automatically authorized through the Microsoft server and accordingly, it was stored, which makes it possible not to enter it every time When reinstalling the OS.

It should also be noted that provided that you need the activation key for the operating system because you have decided to replace the motherboard or other components of your PC, then you should turn to Microsoft support, as soon as they can make the necessary changes to the Server, so that activation of your system runs without errors.

If you do not like one of the above methods in order to learn the Windows 10 Creators Update product, then use one of the specialized programs for this case, which is very much on the Internet.

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