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How to enable the boot log in Windows 10?

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How to enable the boot log in Windows 10?

Today, we'd like to tell you how to enable the boot log in Windows 10, since this is a very important option that every PC user should be able to use. By activating this option of the system, you get the opportunity not just to boot the OS, but also at this time to collect information about what exactly is happening with the system and which drivers or libraries refuse to work at the moment. This approach to monitoring the health of Windows 10 is very useful, since it takes a minimal amount of time, but it provides the user with a plain text file of the following kind "ntbtlog.txt", which can be viewed in any known text editor.

How to enable the boot log in Windows 10 through the "Run" window?

In fact, this method can be considered one of the easiest, because here you will first have to turn to the "Run" window, which can be called simultaneously by pressing the "Win + R" buttons. As soon as the "Run" window is loaded, you must write the command "msconfig" into its search area, after which you can click on the "Ok" button.

Now, you are in the "System Configuration" window where only the "Download" tab should be of interest to you, and in the "Download" tab itself, you need to find the "Download Log" item in front of which, put a "tick". It remains only to click on "Apply" for the changes to take effect and to the button "Ok", which authorizes the launch of a small window where the operating system kindly suggests that you reboot, well, and you agree with the implementation of this action by clicking on the "Restart" button ".

We draw your attention to the fact that this reboot allows you to enter into force not only the changes made to the operation of the OS, but also when the system boots up, begins to collect information about how and what behaves in this program.

After Windows is fully loaded, we suggest that you go to the following folder: "C: / Windows", where we find a small text file "ntbtlog". We open this text file with any text editor (as it seems to us, the "Notepad" that is on any computer is ideally suited here) and we see a full report on the system load.

How to enable the boot log in Windows 10 through the "Command Line"?

For example, suppose that the above way to enable the boot log in Windows 10 did not work for some reason, in this case, we suggest that you use this method, because for some PC users, for some reason, it seems more reliable.

On behalf of the Administrator, you should run "Command Line", where you will have to execute the "bcdedit" command. After executing the command, the console will be filled with information, where everything that affects the operating systems installed on the hard disk and all the boot records will be displayed. Unfortunately, we have only one system installed on the computer, for this reason, the elements present in the console information list will be:

  • Download Manager
  • Download Windows

From the information provided to us, only "Windows Boot" is needed, only that area where the identifier is displayed in the form of {current}.

Without leaving the "Command line", you will need to execute the following command: "bcdedit / set {Identifier} bootlog Yes".

In the place where the "{Identifier}" is written, we designate the current {current} identifier (in some cases, it can be different), at the end of the command input and its execution, it remains only to reboot the system.

How to decode a text document "ntbtlog.txt" with a report?

Suppose that you performed one of the two above described tinctures and received the document ntbtlog.txt, which contains the information you are interested in. In this case, you should only know that the value "BOOTLOG_LOADED" indicates that the system element (in particular the driver) was loaded successfully, but the entry "BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED" indicates that the system element (in particular the driver) was not loaded successfully.

We hope that now, to understand that you are fully working in the OS or vice versa, does not work, it will not be difficult any more, because thanks to this report, it is possible to check the system, even after each download.

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