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How to disable the SMBv1 protocol in Windows 7

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How to disable the SMBv1 protocol in Windows 7

Many PC users still use the seventh generation operating system, because for one reason or another, they believe that it is one of the best for today. In addition, there are a number of reasons why users can not at this time refuse the "Seven" and go to the "eight" or the "Ten", because they can have a "sharpened" for Windows 7 laptop, a computer that works under the control of this operating system as well as possible, it also happens that the program used in the work can work as correctly and steadily as possible, only under Win 7. In general, the reasons why it is possible to use a particular operating system in a specific time interval, up to tatochno a lot, that's only necessary to understand that no matter how much good operating system will not be, it will always be outdated and it will appear vulnerabilities that actually happened to the protocol SMBv1 on all modern operating systems from Microsoft. That's why we decided to tell you today about how to disable the SMBv1 protocol in Windows 7 and make the program you use, even more secure.

Why do I need to disable the SMBv1 protocol in Windows 7?

At the moment it is believed that this protocol is very outdated, which eventually led to the fact that it became a vulnerable area in the operating system through which it is possible to penetrate very powerful viruses that in 2017 were remembered by the entire world computer community under the names : Wanna Cry, Petya, Satan and the like.

All of the above viruses in their time were focused on getting into the Windows operating system and blocking its operability. Thus, any user's computer that was hostage to a virus attack was almost 100% paralyzed, and at the same time, the virus software extorted money from a computer host in very large amounts from $ 100 to $ 300. In some cases, the extortion was much higher!

It's clear that when faced with this kind of extortion most of the average users were reinstalling the operating system, but the users whose computers are working and tied to a particular company, company, etc., could not allow the system to be reinstalled, and therefore they either paid , or tried to find ways to deactivate the virus software.

How to disable the SMBv1 protocol in Windows 7?

In fact, disabling the protocol is very simple, since there is not any additional knowledge from the user, except that you do not need to use "PowerShell"!

And so... To begin with, you will need to open the Start menu, after which you must use the search engine of the operating system and register in it "PowerShell", from the results provided by the system, you must select the eponymous volume, the name of which was registered in the search and by hovering the mouse over it, right-click. Immediately, before you open the context menu in which you will need from a variety of options to the action, select only "run as administrator".

If everything is done correctly, the "PowerShell" window will open on the screen of the monitor, which will allow you to disable the SMBv1 protocol in Windows 7 by entering the following command: Set-ItemProperty -Path «HKLM: \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ LanmanServer \ Parameters "SMB2 -Type DWORD -Value 0 -Force.

After you enter the command, you need to press the "Enter" button, wait for the command to execute and restart the Win 7 operating system.

It's worth noting that the above method works very well with the tasks assigned to it in the next versions of the programs developed in Microsoft: Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2, and therefore, using this method is probably much more global than you could have imagined it even imagine.

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