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How to disable automatic reboot in Windows 10?

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How to disable automatic reboot in Windows 10?

Those PC users who constantly monitor the timely update of the operating system know that it is not uncommon for the OS to download an update from the network, install it and then reboot the system. All would be nothing, but during the reboot, the user, often doing his job and at best, he is in a situation where you have to wait when there will be updates installed, and at worst, lose the created project. That's why many people ask: "How to disable auto-reboot in Windows 10?" Since if you make the correct setup of the system, you can get it to work correctly at least, without accidental reboots in the midst of work.

In fact, our setup of the system will be reduced to the need to perform a couple of program settings, but for this, you need to press "Win + I" at the same time, which will get into the "Updates and Security" section, which is located in the section Windows Update. Now, you have the option to choose one of two options:

  • "Change the activity period".
  • "Restart settings".

If you stop on the "Change the period of activity", then in this case you set the appropriate time parameters, which allow you to limit the system from a sudden reboot due to the installation of downloaded updates.

Simply, you set the time interval when the PC is busy and the software does not restart it in this time interval.

If you stop on the "Restart parameters", in this case, you set a specific time interval when the system can reboot and install updates.

The practicality of this method is that if you know that during a lunch break, when you are not using your PC, then this time interval can be left for rebooting the system.

Whichever of the above methods you choose, in any case, you will no longer have a question: How to disable automatic reboot in Windows 10? Now, even such a very uncomfortable action for updating the operating system, for you, it will be quite convenient and will not require any additional time costs and all the more, will not stop your work at the most unexpected moment.

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