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How to create a guest account in Windows 10

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How to create a guest account in Windows 10

Today, we have decided to tell you about, how to create a guest account in Windows 10, since at the moment, it is this topic is very relevant for the reason that, very often, one computer is necessary to use multiple users . It is clear that there is nothing wrong, if your computer is at home, and it is used by different members of the family, and what will happen if this is the PC or laptop to be used at work or school ...? That is the plan to use, can lead to irreversible consequences, as often very important to you:. Photos, video files, developments, articles and etc, can not simply have a leak on the internet, and get into the hands of someone who easy to take advantage of your personal life and build through this, his career or earn on it is not a small sum of money.

The feature that we have touched upon this topic to create a guest account in Windows 10 is also in the fact that in the "top ten", this kind of setting the OS looks a bit different than in earlier versions of Windows operating systems. We also note that the log of actions, though changed, but the principle of operation remains the same, just need to perform consistently several steps.

• Go to the menu "Start" → "System Tools" → hovering the mouse cursor to the "Command Prompt", click on it with the right mouse button only once → to display the context menu, select the item "Run as administrator".

• In this step, you will need to do the following log actions: prescribe team «net user Visitor / add / active: yes» → «Enter».

It's worth noting that «Visitor» - this is not a mandatory account name for the guest mode, so that here, it will be possible to register all you want, except for «Guest», it's a name you are using Windows 10 operating system.

• The next action log, implies an automatic password generation, which is generated by the operating system, Win 10 without any user intervention: put this team «net user Visitor *» → «Enter».

• Now you need to remove the newly created user from Win 10 system for this, simply use a command like: «net localgroup users Visitor / delete».

• It remains the last step, which allows the ultimate create a guest account in Windows 10, as you simply need to enter the command «net localgroup guests Visitor / add».

This is so, not a cunning way, did you manage to create a guest account in Windows 10, which will benefit anyone who uses your computer. In addition, it is this guest post, it will allow you not to worry, that "stranger" will penetrate into the bowels of those operating systems that must be available for him.

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