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How to create a family group in Windows 10?

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How to create a family group in Windows 10?

Suppose you have a child, and perhaps not one... And as you understand, the older your child gets, the more information it absorbs and of course, this is very good, but agree that it is often necessary to “filter” the flow of information child to protect him until he is more adult. In such a situation, software occupies a significant place, because computers and other gadgets are used everywhere now and as a result, not only adults, but also children have to interact with them. That is why Microsoft has developed a small application that can allow any parent to control their child. It is for this reason that we decided today to touch on this topic and answer the question: “How to create a family group in Windows 10?

If it seems to you that this question is not worth your attention, then you are greatly mistaken, since having received the answer to it, you can easily create a software environment for your child that will be almost perfect for him. In addition, the creation of a family group, will allow parents to save a lot of their nerves on different, not very biased moments that constantly arise in the life of a child who is just introduced to the computer and the Internet space.

How to create a family group in Windows 10?

In fact, everything is quite simple, as you will be required to: log in to your Microsoft account → create a family group → send an invitation to all members of the family (who have Microsoft accounts) enter the created group → block sites and applications that should not be available to the child → receive a report from the system on the time spent by your child for using a computer or other gadget → activate temporary restrictions on the use of the device.

In fact, each of your actions will be performed with just a few clicks and most importantly, it is possible to make such settings for a family group from any place on the planet.

In addition, you will always have the opportunity to manipulate the accounts of other family members and as a result, you can give someone more advanced rights to use devices, and someone else will be more limited in this. This is especially true if there are several children in the family and they are of different ages.

Also, you can exclude or accept any user in the family group at any time, which is very convenient.

This kind of approach to controlling the child will allow you not only to limit it while working at the computer, but to keep it under constant control, provided that it uses:

  • Xbox One game console;
  • Any device with installed Windows 10;
  • Android tablet or smartphone with Microsoft Launcher installed.

Of course, it may seem to someone that creating a family group in Windows 10 - is restricting the rights of the child and his freedom of action, but if you look from a different angle, it becomes clear that this is nothing more than custody, Moreover, every parent will always be able to:

  • Know where the child is by controlling the location of his device;
  • To control his purchases in the Microsoft Store by activating the function “Ask the Parent”, without confirming the actions of which, the purchase will not be possible;
  • Use the application "Calendar" in order to use it to create a schedule, which must adhere to all or individual members of the Family Group.

All this, in its totality, will give any parent more control over the child, and the child will be taught to be disciplined and not get into various troubles!

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