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How to change mouse buttons in Windows 10?

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How to change mouse buttons in Windows 10?

Agree that in life there are different situations and at some point, it may turn out that you will need to change mouse buttons in Windows 10. It would seem that this is a real nonsense, but as life practice shows - this is a very relevant topic that will be useful:;

  • to those who have damaged their right hand and can not use the mouse in the same way as they did before;
  • for those who do not have a limb (in particular, the right hand);
  • those who have partially limited working capacity of the right limb;
  • those who are left-handed.

Of course, it is possible to continue the list above, but what we indicated is enough to understand who will be interested in this article.

Why do I need to change the mouse buttons in Windows 10?

This is done for the reason that there are mice that are created for right-handers, and there are those that are left-handed for the lefties, this is so that everyone can feel most comfortable when working at the computer. It just happens that a person, for example, left-handed, and he bought a mouse for right-handers, in this situation it is worth reassigning the mouse buttons, since when working with it, there are a couple of buttons, one of which is more active than the second one. It is for this reason, in fact, that you need to change the mouse buttons in the action plan.

How to change mouse buttons in Windows 10?

Open the "Start" menu in Windows 10, where you will see a small icon in the form of a gear on which you just need to click the left mouse button. This action will allow you to get into the Settings application.

Following your step should be connected with the fact that you have to go to the category with the name "Devices", after which, you turn to the item "Mouse".

Note that in order to change mouse buttons in Windows 10, you will have to select only the main button in the settings, the second button will become active and itself will go to the secondary plan.

That's it, pretty quickly and without much difficulty, you can reconfigure the working capabilities of your computer mouse, so that the time for escorting the computer for you was even more fruitful.

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