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How to add to the context menu of "Explorer» Windows 10 option "Disk Cleanup"

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How to add to the context menu of "Explorer» Windows 10 option "Disk Cleanup"

We have long thought, and yet decided on what to tell you, how to add to the context menu of Windows 10 option Cleaning Explorer disk, since this kind of setting, will allow you to very not bad to save time, if you almost every day, doing cleaning the operating system from a different digital debris.

Previously, you always had to use for wiping hard disks "standard tool" called "cleanmgr" and the primary, go to the section with hard drives, after pushing the RMB on the drive you want to clean, choose "Properties" and only then click on "disk Cleanup".

In order to simplify the entire process described above, we will use the registry tweak that allows you to add Disk Cleanup in Windows Explorer menu, this kind of step, will allow pre-export one of the key sub-sections:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ CommandStore \ shell

a file and then adding it to the branch content:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ * \ shell.

At first glance, the above task is simply daunting, but it is for this reason, we suggest that you begin to use the REG file format, which is after you run it, will do everything automatically, with a minimum number of actions on your part.

To get started, download REG-file.

Now run the file and select "Merge" from the context menu:

Once the process is complete, you can see in the Explorer context menu a new item called "Clear":

If done correctly, the changes will take effect immediately!

Also, note that if you were able to add a context menu "Explorer» Windows 10 option "Disk Cleanup», then it is you tired or no longer need, then simply run the file «Remove Cleanup from Drive context menu.reg », which all will return to normal, and everything will be exactly the same as it was prior to the moment when you make changes to your operating system.

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