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How to add OEM-information in Windows 10

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How to add OEM-information in Windows 10

Today, we'll show you how you can add OEM-information in Windows 10, as this option is often useful, even an ordinary PC users that are completely irrelevant to the software development. It is clear that the OEM-information always have a place to be in the operating system you have, as if the licensed version of Win 10, then about to register all necessary data about the developers, took care of equipment suppliers or "computer scientists", who fingered the operating system and make it their own "assembly".

It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that virtually all the available data in the OEM-data, you can edit and it is certainly a huge plus.

To start, you need to get into the registry editor, it is done with the help of «regedit» team, after which you will be able to go to the following path to your operating system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ OEMInformation

Assuming that the operating system you have licensed and activated, you do not what to create it is not necessary, but if you use the "pirates" or the OS is not activated, you have to create the last subsection OEMInformation, which will need to prescribe the following OEM-information available you information for your system.

• Manufacturer - data about the manufacturer.

• Model - the model of the PC data.

• SupportHours - data about the working hours. support.

• SupportPhone - data about the number of those. support.

• SUPPORTURL - information about URL-address (Developer page).

• Logo -logotip - square in the BMP and the size of 120x120 pixel format, where the color depth of 32 bits.

Once you manage to add OEM-information in Windows 10, then they should immediately take effect as restart likely not what is not necessary, only a few exceptions, have to apply the operating system to reboot.

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