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How to add an avatar in Windows 10?

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How to add an avatar in Windows 10?

You ask yourself: “How to add an avatar in Windows 10?” In this case, it’s time to act, since this process is not laborious, but after reaching your goal, you will be able to uniquely unify the operating system. Thus, the icon / vatar, will always appear in front of you not in the usual form - “in the standard”, but in the one that you decide to use.

The convenience and practicality of this method is that it will be possible to use several methods for adding avatars:

  • Use the "standard" avatar;
  • Add an avatar downloaded from the "network" or independently modeled;
  • Add an avatar made on the basis of your photo taken using the available web-camera.

Thus, it turns out that the first way to add an avatar, in general, will not require action from you, since the system will independently add some kind of background image and you'll use what you will be offered.

The second option, it is more laborious, since here you yourself will have to resolve the issue affecting the appearance of your avatar and after that, you will need to do the following: use the “Parameters” panel → go to the “Accounts” section → further, go to the section "Your data".

The most optimal option for performing the procedure described above is to use the Start menu, since it is there that you will be able to click on the area with the user icon and use the small context menu that can suggest using the item “Change account settings” go to the section - “Create an avatar” and the item in it - “Select one item”, it will be possible to upload your avatar.

If, however, you decide to use the photo just taken as an avatar, then we suggest using the entire process described above, but only at the last stage, where you go to the Create Avatar section, you will need to select “ Camera".

Thus, the question is: “How to add an avatar in Windows 10?” Any user will not be on his own, because its main advantage is simplicity and accessibility. In addition, with its help, the replacement of avatars can be made for two variations of accounts, namely, for the local and Microsoft.

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