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How do I disable the alignment of desktop icons in Windows 10?

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How do I disable the alignment of desktop icons in Windows 10?

Already many times on different forums the question was discussed, "How to disable the alignment of desktop icons in Windows 10?" That's just the fact, not who and not what specific on this occasion could not tell, and everything from The fact that the main problem of this operating system configuration is that the user needs to find a bypass to the "standard" OS settings, and as a result, few can do it themselves or without using third-party software. That's why we decided to raise this topic today, to tell about it the maximum of what we know and not to return to discussing this "problem".

Now, be extremely attentive, because what you have to do below, although it looks simple, but here's the mistake in this, in no case it is impossible!

To start, you need to go to the Desktop area -> into the empty Desktop area, right-click -> the context menu opens, where we go through the "View" to "Align the icons on the grid".

Note that the item "Align icons on the grid" is checked, therefore, the alignment on the grid is active, if you click on this item, then the check mark will be removed and you will be able to place the icons on the desktop as chaotically as possible.

It would seem that that's all there is to it? That's just not all so simple, because we suggest you, if necessary, to make even more global settings, which can only be performed through the Registry Editor.

Use the pose window named "Run" to register the "regedit" command in it, now you need to go through this path: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Shell \ Bags \ 1 \ Desktop".

In the newly opened window, your attention should be focused to the right side of it, where you need to find a 32-bit DWORD parameter called "FFlags".

It also happens that the 32-bit DWORD parameter FFlags is missing, then we just create it ourselves, but do not forget that it can have up to four values:

• 1075839520 - allows you to disable the alignment and arrangement of desktop icons in Windows 10 on the grid.
• 1075839525 - enables you to enable alignment and arrangement of desktop icons in Windows 10 on the grid.
• 1075839521 - enables you to activate ordering, but at the same time, disables alignment on the grid.
• 1075839524 - allows you to disable the ordering, but it also saves alignment on the grid.

Thus, you need to double-click the left mouse button on the parameter named FFlags and make a replacement in its value by one of the above.

Well, the last point that should not be ignored is that the values are indicated in the decimal system, respectively, before making any changes, you must activate the appropriate radio button.

Once you finish the setup, then you can immediately reboot the system, because only after that, it will be possible to see firsthand the fruits of their work.

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