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How do I delete pre-installed apps in Windows 11?

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How do I delete pre-installed apps in Windows 11?

Today, we will tell you how to remove pre-installed applications in Windows 11, as this topic is repeatedly understood by many users for the reason that they do not want to see installed applications on their PC that they do not use. In addition, many pre-installed applications have a very bad property of running in the background, which significantly slows down the Win 11 operating system, which begins to partially spend its resources on something that the user does not interact with. All this, in its entirety, makes you think about how to clean up the operating system a little, which we will try to do today with the help of the tools available in the OS.

Deleting via "Parameters"

In order to take advantage of the built-in capabilities of the system, you will have to perform several consecutive steps, each step must be a continuation of the previous one:

  • Click on "Win" + "I" → a small window "Options" should open on the "Desktop" → in the left part of the "Panel" you need to click on "Applications" → one more click, but only on the right side on "Applications and Features".

  • A window called "List of applications" has opened in front of you, here you need to select the application that you will have to delete → click on the menu button with three dots (the button is located on the right) → select "Delete".

The next step is to see the window "This application and all its data will be deleted", where you need to click on the "Delete" button to finish the process of deleting the application.

The above method is very good for removing standard applications, but still, there are situations when it does not allow you to remove pre-installed software, then you need to resort to other methods.

Deleting via the Start menu

This method to remove pre-installed applications in Windows 11 is considered "fast" and is often used by those who are just studying a personal computer, since everything is simple and as clear as possible in terms of actions:

You need to open the "Start" menu by clicking on it with the left mouse button → in the upper right corner select "All applications" → now, carefully review the list of applications and select the one you do not need using the "Delete" button → in the newly opened window confirm the deletion by clicking on "Delete".

Deleting via "Search"

This way to remove pre-installed applications in Windows 11 it will also appeal to those who are just studying their computer, because it is quite simple and really convenient in terms of use. As usual, it all comes down to step-by-step actions:

  • On the "Taskbar" you need to click on "Search" → in the search field, enter the name of the application that you want to delete → among the search results that appear, select the one you were looking for, right-click on it and click on "Delete" → if a pop-up window opens, you need to select "Delete".

Perhaps the three methods described above for removing an application from the Windows 11 operating system are the simplest and most affordable ways for those who really need to bring their OS into proper condition. Thanks to simple actions, you can easily get rid of what you absolutely do not need and your system will be able to start functioning in a new way.

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