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“This computer” is the default folder in Windows 10

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“This computer” is the default folder in Windows 10

Today, we will tell everyone about how you can make "This computer" - the default folder in Windows 10. This action must be performed for the reason that in the normal operating system environment, the default folder is a folder called “Quick Access”, which is not always convenient for users if it is more practical for them to work with the “This Computer” environment.

This process of setting up the system is so simple and primitive that anyone who is interested in it can handle it. In addition, by the example of this method of setting the default folder, you can use other system partitions that can be customized for yourself, showing a little ingenuity.

Activating the default folder “This Computer” in Windows 10

In fact, the system itself will not have to be configured, but its separate part in the face of the file manager... Yes, it is the “file manager”, similar to what you could use from third-party developers... Only here, everything is built into the OS and developed by Microsoft.

The configuration process itself begins with the need to go to the “Explorer Options” section.

If you do not know, then you can get to the “Explorer Options” section using the “Search” application, or by opening the file manager window and executing the following transitions in it: “View” → “Parameters” → “General”.

In the new window, refer to the drop-down menu with the name “Open Explorer for:” (located in the upper part) → from the pair of options offered to you, select “This Computer” → “Apply” → “OK”.

Thus, “This computer” - the default folder in Windows 10 becomes just that place for you, which will always be available and, if necessary, it can be opened in one click of the mouse.

Deactivating this computer's default folder in Windows 10

If for some reason you will not be satisfied with something after setting up your computer, then in this case, it is better to get everything back to normal, and for this, you can do one of two things:

  • To do all the above procedure, but only in the end, select the item from the drop-down menu - “Quick access”;
  • Also, you can use the button that allows you to reset all the program settings, this button is called as “Restore Defaults”.
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