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Error loading operating system in Windows 10

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Error loading operating system in Windows 10

If you are reading this article, it's likely that the error Error loading operating system in Windows 10 was able to get to your computer. It's clear that this error is not quite normal, since you could probably already notice that with its appearance, you simply can not boot the system in one of the modes, and therefore there is only one option ... reinstalling the Windows OS... But we are not We will be so hasty, because we want to offer you one of the options for eliminating the above error, which has been helped us repeatedly.

The main causes of errors Error loading operating system

To make you understand, the reasons for the error Error loading operating system are often only two:

  • Conflict of the "hard drive" you are using.
  • Software failure of Windows 10.

The solution - Method № 1

To start, you need to turn off the computer, then turn it on and enter the BIOS -> go to the section where your hard drive is located, select the hard drive in order for the submenu to appear -> now, select the "Access Mode" Large "-> save the changes made to the system and try to load the OS again.

The solution - Method № 2

If the first method did not help you, then you need to do the following action log: you need to have a boot disk that is inserted into the DVD drive, after that, go to the BIOS and there set the boot priority to the DVD drive -> wait until the OS Allows you to select a tool that is relevant to the recovery of the OS -> go to the command line and if you have only one OS installed, then put the number 1, then use the command "chkdsk / P / R" -> wait for all the automatic processes and the operating system etc. lnostyu loaded.

Solution to Problem - A method № 3

If the Error loading operating system in Windows 10 continues to be present, then we recommend that you take the bootable media -> reboot the OS -> enter the BIOS (do everything the same as in step 2) and go to the command Row make the choice of the OS, which was corrupted -> now, you need to write one after the other two commands: "fixmbr" and "Fixboot". After the end of the automatic processes, we restart the computer, return the priority of the system boot and rejoice that everything has started to work, as before!

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