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Disconnecting the second hard drive

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Disconnecting the second hard drive

Many of you think that disabling the second hard disk process is not time consuming and does not require a lot of knowledge and in some ways, you are absolutely right. That's only if you drop a little deeper, it becomes clear that the bulk of PC users who think so mean by the word "disconnect" only physical removal of the drive. Therefore, they need to arm themselves for this action, at least with a screwdriver in order to partially disassemble the system or laptop. We, in our article, decided not to affect the physical impact on the computer when disabling the hard disk, we will consider the software method, which in our opinion is more practical to use in Windows.

What is the advantage of disabling the hard disk in Windows programmatically?

  • The speed of the work to turn off the second hard drive.
  • The minimum number of actions with the computer.
  • Ability to make manipulations to turn off the hard disk in any place convenient for you.
  • The speed of turning on the disabled hard drive is also minimal.

How does the second hard drive turn off?

The first step is to open a command prompt on behalf of the Administrator (this is very important) and after that, you type each of the following commands one at a time:

  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • selject disk 1
  • offline disk

For those who have not guessed yet, I want to clarify that through the command line, we were able to launch the utility "Diskpart", which has the ability to work perfectly with hard disks. The commands of Diskpart utility are deciphered as follows:

  • diskpart - run the utility.
  • list disk - the utility shows the drives with which it can work.
  • select disk 1 - the utility allows you to select a disk to disconnect.
  • offline disk - the utility disables the hard disk.

That's all! Disconnect second hard drive, you'll be able to literally in a matter of minutes and you probably will not have problems with disabling!

How to enable the second hard drive in Windows?

As it was written earlier, the speed of turning on the disabled hard disk is several times faster than its disconnection, which is actually what is evidenced by what you will learn and can apply in practice.

In your case, in any convenient way we go into the settings of the hard disks and already there, right-click on the disk that we disconnected programmatically. Before you will need to open a small submenu in which you need to select the "Online" item that has become active. Once you click on "On the network", then immediately you can start using the disk that was previously disconnected.

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