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Create a DLL-library with icons in Windows 10

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Create a DLL-library with icons in Windows 10

If you've tried to replace the icons in your Windows operating system 10, then for sure you were like that some of the problems, as initially proposed to the OS you use alternatives icons, if you are not satisfied with the ones that are installed by default. Here are just here and most likely, it was not so easy, because you have to find the file «SHELL32.dll», which is placed in the «system32» folder, and only after that, you tried to make adjustments to the operating system that are most all were almost completely fruitless.

All the above mentioned process is not simple enough, and many PC users are not under force, why, we'll tell you about something else, which use themselves. Since it is thanks to him, we own create a DLL-library with icons in Windows 10, which essentially becomes a separate repository, which will include new icons. It is worth noting that moment, that the use of this kind of "storage" rather practical, as you create it once and awake to use it as much as you want it to be. Also, it is not the last place in this method it takes the point that you do not have to use the SDK Microsoft Visual Studio, and such things as the type of programming languages: C ++, or VB.NET, and generally think it is not necessary, because we teach you all do without them.

Well, now, let's parse all the stages:

1. Download the icon set in the «ICO» format. icons downloaded you do not need to have a size greater than 256x256 pixels each. If you make it easier to work with icons, you can rename them the way you want it.

2. Download the utility Anolis Resourcer from the official site called.

3. Go to Start Anolis Resourcer. Once the tool is started, you will need to click on the button: «File» → «New» → make saving an empty DLL file in that area of your computer, which will be convenient for you to work.

Note that the "dynamic library" created by you, will be located in the left side of the "Desktop".

4. Hit on «Import» → in the window that opens, specify the full path to the icons which are located in your computer. This is done by means of clicking on the button «Browse».

After pressing the "OK" button, you will notice that your computer was to create two new folders that have received automatic captions: «Icon Image» and «Icon Directory». Just exactly in the newly created folder and will be stored your icons.

By the way, thanks to the utility Anolis Resourcer, you can customize the icons the way you wants it, because here you have the possibility to be almost limitless, until the setting up of the background at the icons, and that can produce smaller settings icons, and can not speak.

That's just so we and create a DLL-library with icons in Windows 10, which are fully operating and have the ability to allow any user to customize their operating system in such a way that it has not yet who did not.

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