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Configuring ip in Windows 10

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Configuring ip in Windows 10

Despite the fact that the world of computers and software is currently developed quite bly, it still has a huge number of many-sided situations, in which, the average PC user has to face various problems. One of these problems is setting up the ip in Windows 10, and everything from the fact that most of those who use the computer on a daily basis can not even imagine what the process is and how, it must be performed for the correct - the final result, which, just let you connect the system to 100% of the Internet.

As it seems to us, this process does not take much time and effort, which means that every user who wants to make "qualitative" changes to the system himself, so that it becomes even better, should use it. Here is what the action log looks like when configuring a "network connection":

First, you must open the Start menu, where you need to find the "Options" item (has the gear icon) and click on it with the LMC.

The "Settings" window opens up a lot of various functional options and settings before you, but you should be interested, only the icon with the name "Network and Internet".

The "Network and Internet" window will prompt you to make a choice in the column on the left side of the window, where you need to click LMC under "Ethernet".

After clicking on the "Ethernet" item, the "Network and Internet" window will not change completely except for its central part, where you will be able to select the item "Configuring adapter parameters" using the LMC.

Once in the "Network Connections" window, find the icon named "Ethernet" and click on it on the PCM, which brings up a context menu in which you select the "Properties" option with the help of the LMC.

In the opened window "Ethernet properties" we use double click on the item "IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)".

Before you open the last window, in which you have to select the item "Use the following IP address" with the help of the LMC and the keyboard, you will enter the following parameters one by one: IP address, gateway and DNS servers themselves:,

Thus, configuring ip in Windows 10 can be done in a matter of minutes, but on condition that you know all the above parameters.

Once you make changes to the system, you can click on the "Ok" button, so that they take effect and in the window called "Local Area Connection - Properties", you have the opportunity to use the "Close" button to finally finish the process of setting up your OS.

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