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Configuring a proxy server in Windows 11

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Configuring a proxy server in Windows 11

Let's try to consider today what a proxy server setup in Windows 11 can be like, since this configurable option in the OS is very peculiar, but many users don't even know about it. You can use this setting due to the fact that it is able to save confidential user data and, in addition, it can be used to open Internet resources that are blocked.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a kind of intermediate resource between the user and the end server, which first receives a command from the user, and only after that, transmits it to the end server. After the destination server has received a command from the proxy server, it gives a reverse response, but again to the proxy server, and that already redirects everything to the user. Such data exchange allows users not to "shine on the network" and constantly hide their real user data, among which there is also the location of the device.

Very often proxy servers are used in large companies and educational institutions, this is done in order to use caching - an option that allows you to reduce traffic / data usage, but at the same time increase bandwidth.

HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS connection protocols

  • HTTP is considered one of the most popular protocols, but at the same time, its security leaves much to be desired, and all for the reason that HTTP can be easily intercepted and, as a result, get a lot of data about the device used, up to the location. This protocol is very often hunted by bots;
  • HTTPS (SSL) is considered a more secure protocol, since there is constant encryption of the transmitted data / traffic, which makes its interception quite difficult and very often meaningless. Bots practically do not hunt for this protocol, since it is very difficult for them to work with such protocols, which leads to frequent failures;
  • SOCKS – is considered a very frameless protocol, since using a firewall, a TCP connection is created by the "tunneling" method. This approach to encryption protects data transmission as much as possible and is not feasible for interception by bots. It is worth noting that the proxy itself cannot intercept the data transmitted in such formats, which is also an additional advantage in terms of security.

Configuring a proxy server in Windows 11

  • If we are talking about an organization that uses automated detection of a web proxy / WPAD located in its networks, then it is necessary to disable the definition of automatic parameters and this is done as follows: go to "Parameters" → open "Network and Internet" → click on "Proxy server" → turn on the parameter "Define parameters automatically."

We draw your attention to the fact that if you do not want to see the operation of the parameter in automatic mode, or maybe you simply do not have a network structure, then in such a situation, you can turn everything off.

  • You can also configure the proxy server using a script that represents a specific scenario. Similar scenarios are available on the Internet in freely downloadable access, and some organizations already have these scenarios and access to them can be obtained by knowing a special URL. Thus, if you know the scenario, you should do the following: go to "Settings" → open "Network and Internet" → go to "Proxy server" → click on "Edit" opposite the column "Use the settings script" → move the switch to the "Enable" position → specify the path to the script.

  • If you need proxy server setup in Windows 11 in manual mode, then you need to do the following: go to "Settings" → clicks on "Network and Internet" → open "Proxy server" → then "Proxy settings manually" → move the switch to "Use a proxy server" → register the server data - IP / URL / port → check the box next to "Do not use a proxy server for local addresses".

Note that, if necessary, during the above procedure, you can block URLs for which the proxy server will work.

Where to get the data for the proxy server?

Here you need to understand that free data has a place to be on the Internet, but their performance is questionable. You will probably have to change the data more than once before your proxy server starts functioning fully.

Also note that for a fairly small fee, you will be able to purchase data for a proxy server that will be workable and for sure there will not be as many problems with them as with free analogues.

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