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Change the size of Windows 10 system fonts

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Change the size of Windows 10 system fonts

Many of you already know that we often enough, manually change the size of Windows 10 system fonts, thereby adjusting the operating system to our requirements and tasks. It would seem that this can be done by every PC user, but it is here that the pitfalls arise that are related to the fact that Microsoft made a number of changes that affect a new version of their OS. Thus, the following fonts received the configuration restrictions:

  • All the menu.
  • All text headers.
  • All labels are located on the "Desktop".
  • It's a lot of interface elements.

But no matter how much the above limitations were not global for us, there is still a way around them... In order to adjust the font size in Windows 10, you will have to edit the OS registry. But again, this editing does not just look simple, and even more, an experienced user with it probably will not cope, that's why, we propose to use for this purpose a utility called "System Font Size Changer".

In fact, the System Font Size Changer utility is very easy to use, since it has a minimalistic window with minimal settings, which is enough for this or that font setting in the OS.

To start, you need to download the System Font Size Changer from the Internet (the program is free) -> double-click on the downloaded file in order to run the utility -> make a backup of the REG file WindowMetrics (this file stores fonts that are "standard "In your operating system) -> in the newly opened window, you will see an incredible number of different kinds of settings.

Basic Elements of System Font Size Changer

  • The buttons at the top of the window (there are only 6 of them) will allow you to switch between the elements of the interface of your operating system.
  • When you move the slider, you can easily increase or decrease the size of the custom font.
  • Pressing the "Apply" button will allow you to save changes made to the OS.
  • Press the "Export" button, it will allow you to save those settings that you created yourself and save data in the OS registry.

That's all! That's right, we change the size of Windows 10 system fonts, which allows us without additional knowledge of the operating system registry or the programming language, to customize the OS exactly to our requirements.

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