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Bootable USB-flash drive with Windows 8

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Bootable USB-flash drive with Windows 8

In fact, bootable USB-flash drive with Windows 8 at this time is not a luxury, but a necessity, because they do not know at what point the work of the PC or laptop, you may experience these or other problems, that need to be solved by reinstalling the operating system Win 8 or system restore using the iso-image of the OS. That is why you should learn about this method of creating a bootable USB drive, so it is you have always had with him at the most critical case.

1. To start, you need to download Windows USB DVD Tool, since it is through the software, and we are going to do. Please note that in order to begin to fully operate above-mentioned software in your system must be set «Microsoft .NET Framework». Make Windows USB DVD Tool installation in the same way as you set other application in your operating system.

2. Now you need to download the iso-image of Windows 8.

3. Once the Windows USB DVD Tool will be installed, and the image of the operating system Win 8 downloaded, easily insert a USB flash drive (it is desirable that it was about the size of memory to 8GB.) And run the application «Windows USB DVD Tool» -> click on «Browse» - > specify the path to the iso-image of Windows 8 -> "Open» -> «Next»:

Note that you may receive an error «We were unable to copy your files Please check your usb device selected iso file and try again», in which case you must select «Usb device» to ensure that all data from your USB-drive safely departed:

Now, in the press on the «Begin copying»:

4. It is necessary to wait, depending on the configuration of your operating system and PC about 5-30 minutes in order to bootable USB-flash drive with Windows 8 has been completely written by the program.

5. Once you see the inscription «Status: Backup completed», click on the X in the upper right corner of the window in order to close it.

That's all! Now you have to adopt its own USB-flash drive with the operating system, which in any situation can come to your aid!

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