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Backup theme in Windows 10

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Backup theme in Windows 10

Many of you like to customize your Windows 10 operating system, but few people know that after the system receives specific settings in terms of functional and visual options, this whole thing needs to be copied, since at any time a system failure may occur, which will result in having to perform themed tuning again. In addition, sometimes your friends or work colleagues may be interested in the topic you are using and they will certainly ask you to make similar system settings on their computer. It’s clear that if the number of settings is minimal, then there will be no problems with them at all, but if you use more scaled options, then to give the system an individual look, it’s easier to find out: “What is a backup copy of a theme on Windows 10?"

The point of using the already created backup copy of the “Desktop” theme used is that you can restore your working environment in a matter of seconds - in just a couple of clicks, and your friends or work colleagues will be able to install it without any difficulties and without your help.

In order to perform a theme backup in Windows 10, it makes sense to use the capabilities of the OS itself, since it has all the necessary tools for this action.

In this case, the action log looks as follows: “Options” → “Personalization” → “Themes” → the topic used is selected → “Save theme” → set the name of the saved topic → “Save”.

We draw your attention to the fact that the saved backup copy of the topic will appear in the list of quick themes, but this is not all, since you need to move the mouse cursor over the saved topic and using RMB select "Save Theme for Sharing."

Give the saved topic the name that you think is most appropriate and select the most suitable system section → “Save”.

The saved file will have the format “deskthemepack”, which is a kind of ZIP archive, but only with a changed extension.

It is worth noting that the saved file will have an image for the “Desktop” and a full-fledged “theme” configuration file.

Thus, the backup copy of the theme in Windows 10 is ready and it will be enough for you to launch it on your computer or on a third-party device by clicking on the “deskthemepack” file, which authorizes the launch of this theme in a special system section with topics where, you can easily apply it to visually change the work environment of the “tens”.

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