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AutoComplete in Windows 10 Explorer

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AutoComplete in Windows 10 Explorer

Today, we will tell you what a AutoComplete in Windows Explorer 10 and why do need this function, because many of you completely about her, not what do not know, but in vain!

In fact, Windows Explorer is a very useful function, which looks like the ability to automatically complete the command, which was introduced in the window "Run" or in the address line of Windows Explorer, allowing you bly enough to simplify the work with the data of the operating system components. The peculiarity of this feature is that when you turn, the conductor will automatically offer you a variation of the proposed text, which you go to register a team. Something like this, you might see when writing SMS messages, and the use of so-called "T9" option, which works on a similar principle.

In no mood to Windows 10 operating system, auto-off, but it can be very easy to play using the registry tweak, or making changes to the Internet Explorer settings.

Method number 1

Using the command «regedit» open the Registry Editor and go to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer

Now, in the last section, you create a new sub-section, which should get the name of the form «AutoComplete». In the newly created section, create a new string parameter having the name «Append Completion», and then, set it to a string value in the «yes».

Method number 2

Another method allows you to create AutoComplete in Windows Explorer 10 looks like a simple applet configuration called "Internet Options".

Go to the "classic Control Panel" and open it, "Internet Options":

Once the new window opens, you will need to go to "Advanced". Now, before you will have to open up the list and you'll have to look at it two identical type parameter "Use inline AutoComplete..." in front of these parameters, you must tick the box, and then click on "OK".

That's all! Now you can check how it works AutoComplete in Windows Explorer 10, since starting to type any text into the search box, you'll see some options that the system will prompt you to choose the best of her list.

P.S. Note that the function does not have the opportunity to work on a global scale! This means that the object names will be available in the replacement list, only on the condition, if you have the opportunity to be in the parent directory. A similar negative there and in dialog boxes "Run", respectively, are inserted automatically only those teams that already you were prescribed, and the OS they remembered.

This negative though is the place to be, but if you often type something, then Windows 10 will remember the team and in the near future will be introduced themselves without any problems.

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