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All icons in the notification area in Windows 11

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All icons in the notification area in Windows 11

Previously, it was very convenient to use operating systems, since in the system tray, it was possible to implement without problems so that all icons in the notification area in Windows 11 were fully displayed, this hour, it is impossible to implement. The setting that was once accessible and open to all users was hidden, and as a result, for those who want to change something in their OS, it will be necessary to perform an action log that is not quite "standard", but which will ultimately prove to be very effective.

How do I activate all the icons in the notification area in Windows 11?

Among the standard features of the system, there is a certain setting - "Overflow of the taskbar corner", which is located in the personalization settings, but despite the fact that everything is as simple as possible here, the configuration method is not very practical. The impracticality of the method lies in the fact that even if you activate the display of all icons, some of them will not be displayed. If you try to personally turn on the display of some program icon, after updating or restarting the system, this icon may disappear again.

  • We offer you a more efficient way to configure the OS: simultaneously press Win+R → select "Run" → enter the command - explorer shell:::{05d7b0f4-2121-4eff-bf6b-ed3f69b894d9} → click on "Ok" → press "Enter"

  • The next step looks like this: select the option "Always display all icons and notifications on the taskbar" → click on "Ok".

After the actions done, all the icons without exception will be displayed in the notification area, but there are nuances that you should definitely know about:

  • If earlier, when performing any manipulations with icons, you used: third-party software, scripts, registry editor, etc., then most likely, the item "Always display all icons" will not be active and with its help it will not be possible to influence the appearance of icons;
  • There is a possibility that after some period of time, Microsoft will release an update that will make the command that was used above inactive and not functional. In such a situation, the icons will disappear and will not be available again. By the way, these situations have already happened more than once.

Whatever it was, and all the icons in the notification area of Windows 11 when using the above instructions are fully displayed, which means that the method is worth using, especially since it works correctly and without failures.

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