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Ads on the Start menu in Windows 10

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Ads on the Start menu in Windows 10

Using the Windows 10 operating system is a very exciting process, as when working with this software, there is always the feeling that there is nothing more powerful than this software. But with the gradual study of all the internal processes of the program, comes the realization that there is something in the OS that I would like to refuse.... And if you may have a bias towards certain working points, then constantly growing Advertising in the Start menu in Windows 10 - is just a disaster!

At the very beginning, it may seem to you that there is practically no advertising in the top ten and you will not even react to it, but this is only at the beginning... Deepening with enviable periodicity in the Start menu, time after time, you will have to meet with:

  • Sponsored links;
  • Commercials;
  • Advertising banners (various sizes).

Each time, such self-promotion will manifest itself more and more and ultimately, it will get you so much that the wonderful sensations from using the “dozens” will start developing into depressing and repulsive.

How to disable ads in the Start menu in Windows 10?

In order to make this operation as “right” as possible, it is best to use only the “standard” capabilities of the system, since they, at least, guarantee some OS safety, compared to third-party scripts or applications developed in an incomprehensible where it is not clear under what conditions.

In order to begin the process of disabling advertising, you need to use the panel "Settings" → move to the section "Personalization" → and already here, you will have access to the section "Start".

After, you will have to go to the “Personalization” section - it is possible to use the capabilities of the system right on the “Desktop” and this is done as follows: on the “Desktop”, in an empty area, right-click, which authorizes the launch of the context menu → go to the opened context menu and already in it, click the left mouse button on the item "Personalization".

The newly opened window, access to the settings that will affect the Start menu, and therefore, in this case, we will use the item “Sometimes show a suggestion (recommendation) in the Start menu” → here, you should move the switch to “Off”, which will allow you to deactivate the display of omnipresent advertising.

Due to the actions taken in the bowels of the OS, you will notice that advertising in the Start menu in Windows 10 is completely gone!

If everything is done in terms of the settings correctly, then the OS will not have to be rebooted, since all the current changes you have made to the program's subsoil will become operational immediately after the switch is moved.

How to enable advertising in the Start menu in Windows 10?

If you have coped with the shutdown of advertising, the inclusion will not be a big problem for you at all, since you just need to perform the entire procedure described above without any changes in the actions, except that in the last step, you will have to move the switch from the “Off” position . In the "On" position. As soon as you complete this procedure, you will immediately notice that all the promotional offers from Microsoft have reappeared in the Start menu.

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