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0x800705b4 Error in Windows 10

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0x800705b4 Error in Windows 10

Today, we'll show you what a 0x800705b4 error in Windows 10 , which is quite common among users using the "ten".

The main causes of 0x800705b4 errors are:

• During the update has not been a significant failure of the Internet connection;

• graphics drivers are out of date and needs to be updated;

• you personally or someone else, was amended work Update Service.

Although the above list is not great, there are other causes of this kind of error, but believe me, we are the main reasons are listed and how to deal with them, you know this hour.

To begin, let's check out the internet cable on the causes of damage. If such was not and everything is normal, then go in the settings of Internet connection, provided that you are using the Internet router, then go to settings. Here you need to check the currently used IP-address on its validity. The review is very simple, as you just need to compare you provided IP-address with the IP-address that you used at the moment. Alternatively, this test can be performed automatically using the router's instructions.

You can also try to use public IP-address. It becomes very easy, as you just at the end of the currently used IP-addresses is necessary to add: or

If 0x800705b4 error in Windows 10 have remained, it is time to do an update drivers. It is best to download the latest stable version of the drivers-only from the official site developers. Immediately, we advise you to use the "Windows Update".

Another option to fix the error - make it disable updates for any other applications, go to the following path:. "Start" menu -> "Settings" -> "Updates and Security"

Now, find the item "the Windows Update" -> "Advanced Options Center" -> remove the check mark from an item that allows you to update other applications.

It makes operating system reboot and try to install everything that we offer "Update Center". Again reboot the operating system and call the command line as follows: go to the "Start" menu -> "System Tools" -> use the following command:

• net stop wuauserv

• regsvr32% WinDir% \ System32 \ wups2.dll

• net start wuauserv

If after all the above-described 0x800705b4 error in Windows 10 has not disappeared, do not worry, because even Microsoft do not always know that this error do and very often suggest to wait for that new updates and fixes in Windows 10 and fixed it yourself you do not have to excel, not as a solution to this problem.

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